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A photo of Lake Avenue in Crandon looking north with a trolley driving down the street. The name Estell Sipple is written on the back of the photo in blue ink.

Photograph of spectators at the fairgrounds. Photo caption reads "Old" Bob LaFollette as the speaker of the day at the 1907 Forest County Fair.

A postcard photo of a dirt road and wooden sidewalk surrounded by brick buildings. There is a wagon and a horse to the left. The back reads " Miss Jone, I am your sisters little friend and she told me to write to you. Please write right way. Your…

A photo of a group of men wearing white and bow ties and holding musical instruments. Photo is labeled Argonne Community Volunteer High School Band. Prof. Sigge, conductor.

Black and white photograph of round barn. Individuals can be seen standing on top of the barn near the American flag, as well on the ground in front of the barn. A horse and wagon is located in front of the barn. Back of photo reads "J. Marshall.…

Black and white reprint of photo of Arthur, Doris, Elizabeth and Theodore Emde posing on porch. Doris and Elizabeth are sitting in a hammock. Edges of reprint photo were cut with decorative scissors.

Article printed in "Prairie : Popular and Progressvie American and World Architechture, 1880-1930", Volume 1, Issue 1; page 9-10. Article details the history of the Emde home, built abt 1905 in Crandon. House is operated in 2002 as a bed and…


Football team photo. Three rows of players with two coaches. The front row players are sitting down with helmets placed in front of them and the center player holds a football marked 1931.

5 x 7 photo of football team. Photo has three rows of coaches and players with the front row sitting. A player in the 2nd row holds a football marked C.H.S. 28-29. Back of photo reads "To: Marion Lamond, Crandon Wisc. Box 404, February 26, 1929 by:…

Black and white photo of a basketball team with two coaches. A majority of players are wearing uniforms that say CHS. Two coaches and a player are wearing suits. A player in the front row is holding a basketball marked 1928-29. The back of the photo…
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