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Black and white aerial photo of groups of individuals gathering near the corner of Lake Avenue and Madison street in downtown Crandon. Signs from "Peoples Clothing Store", and "Ziehm Bros. City Meat Market" can be seen on the west side of the…

Black and white photo of an early automobile. Four passengers, two women and two men, can be seen in the photo. The two women, and the driver, are each holding a dog on their laps. All passengers are looking at the camera. A barber pole, a brick…

Black and white photo identified as Lake Avenue in Crandon. A wide unpaved road can be seen with buildings and telephone polls lining the street. A sign that reads "A.E. Himley Real Estate" can be seen attached to the large brick building on the…

Black and white photo looking southeast toward Lake Metonga. Includes street scene of Crandon homes and businesses.

Photo mounted on cardstock of Main street in Crandon looking north. A sign reading "City Drug Store" can be seen on the west side of the street. Back of photo reads "1902 Crandon Main Street".

Black and white photo of a group of adults and children posing in front of large two-story wood frame building identified as the gun club. Photographer P.J. Thompson is embossed in the lower right corner of the cardstock. Back of photo reads: …

A photo of school children, posing for a group photo in a classroom. The back of the photo contains names and states "Class of '22-'23. Marshall Keith. Crandon Wisc."

Names of the back of photo read: standing left to right Dora Purdy, Maple…

Black and white photo of the 1964 eighth grade graduating class.

Back row: Avery Spencer, Dale Brokmeir, Steve Crawford, Allen Radliff, Bill Conn, Bob Feight, Mr. Marquette, Larry Mullins, Larry Batterman, Dan Samz, Harry Fulk, Karl Krause, Danny…

Black and white photo of the 1964 Argonne Grade school basketball team, coach and cheerleaders.

Back row left to right: Larry Batterman, Carl Krause, Allan Radliff, Steve Crawford, Robert Feight, Bill Conn, Coach Marquette.

Dan Houle, George…

A black and white photo reprint of a two-story school building. The front of the photo reads "North School". The back of the photo reads "School burned in 1925 after being struck by lightening. Rebuilt in 1926. Site of present grade school."
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